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The companies ENPROTECH and MYSAK combine their knowledge and experience in order to deliver industrial wastewater treatment systems and specialist biogas plants. We base our offers on many years of business activity by the two companies – from Belgium and Poland – in their specialist fields. Our aim is the complex construction of biogas plants at all stages – from the technological concept to counselling in full, performance, service and service supervision.  All systems are provided, also using and incorporating the existing infrastructure and devices. We do not promote the application of one technology, but always match the technologies and the process to the needs of the clients. We appreciate the simplicity of solutions, combined with effectiveness.


MYSAK has been operating in the Polish market for years. Our actions are concentrated mainly on the designing and supplying of process lines and equipment and machines for the food, chemical and related industries. The Mysak company places its knowledge and the many years of experience of its design engineers at your disposal, and has many interesting and innovative structural solutions.
Mysak offers the following: the designing of plants, technological designs, structures, the supply of machines and industrial plants, construction of non-standard devices, the designing and supplying of new process lines, including prototypes and innovative designs; the modernisation and adaptation of existing technological lines and equipment.
The Mysak company has a broad design potential and its own service and installation facilities.